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Info :

13Thousand is a modification for Glest
which can be used as it is as mod or standalone.

It features more action gameplay and new units, upgrades and weapons!
It supports savegame, skirmish-start options, an intro and other nice addons
like superweapons. A new faction, "Replicators", was added.
An other interesting innovation are the levels a unit can get like "godship".
The balancing was enhanced and has a mathematical basis:
The Tech-faction build gigantic heavy armies and pitch the enemies,
into the ground.
The Magic-faction is strong in defensive and build explosive superweapons
that destruct whole strongholds within one second...

Currently 13,000 is alpha-3; you can download it soon but there is
"nothing to see". The latest status can be viewed at the
concept-page (currently under-construction) but there still is a lot of work.
13,000 - coming soon !...

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